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Sean Michael Paddison was born in St. Catherines, Ontario, Canada. His first connection to music was through his mother who was a professional singer/pianist. His foray into songwriting began around the age of 10, when he re-arranged popular songs he’d learned into medleys. By the age of 14 he had started to write his own songs, and by 16 he had created his own multi-track home recording studio in the basement of his family home and was recording his and other people’s music. One of his songs, which was an R&B Hip Hop song called ‘We’re Through,’ was played on a Toronto university radio station.


As he couldn’t afford to go to a recording arts college, he continued to teach himself via rented equipment and paying for it by being a DJ and doing part and full time jobs. At the age of 22, he got a contract in North Carolina, USA producing music at Ultimix Records, the worlds most prolific remixing label at that time. He worked on songs by: Michael Jackson, Vanilla Ice, Black Box, 2 Unlimited, Digital Underground, Suzanne Vega/DNA and more. He then went on to work as part of a production team at Sigma Sound [DK Studios] in New York City.


At the age of 26 he returned to Canada and worked with Robert Michaels on two of his albums, one of which (Allegro) late won the Juno award (Canada’s Grammys) in the Best Instrumental Artist category.


A year later he got married and had two children. During this time he released a solo piano album called ‘Music for Dreams.’ Unfortunately the marriage didn’t work out and he got divorced eleven years later.


Following his divorce, he launched a radio station called listeneasy.com which made it to number one on live365.com, the world’s largest collection of online radio stations. He also launched a second station Celtica, which made it to number 2 for celtic stations. In that same year he released his second solo CD called ‘Journeys and Discoveries.’


After tragically losing his new fiancée to cancer, Sean picked up his life again and launched his own home recording company called ‘Home Recording Pro’ which supported over 100 home recording studios across Ontario. He also got a contract to create music training programs for VTC.com, which is an online music training company.


A year later he took over and restructured a fledging singer/songwriter network in Toronto of just 17 members. With the support of additional organizers, it has since grown to over 1000 members. In 2013, he met Lindsay Gaye Walker through this network and together they created Unleashed Dreams, a self development focused singer/songwriter duo drawing on epic, new age, neo-classical and world genres. Lindsey is the singer and Sean is the music composer/producer.


Together they create epic songs to empower people to transform their lives and live their dreams. The lyrics of the songs aim to initiate greater self-awareness, optimism, happiness and peace. Their vision is to be part of the global movement creating change for a better world.


In addition to creating music together, Sean also certified as a NLP practitioner in 2016.

Click here to read Sean's Story - In His Own Words